I am all about having a good time. Candy Coated provides premium events, from the vibes, DJs, drinks, food, venue and service. Hence the reason I go to every event, because I know CC will never disappoint. 
- Jan Jan the Loyal Patron​​ from NYC

Candy Coated is just what its name says!  A real all-inclusive, Ben Up boat, wrapped in sweetness from beginning to end. From the music, djs, live performances, food and beautiful people, it is an exciting and memorable experience you'd never want to miss! 
- Dannyele Teneel Leslie aka Ben up Bajan

The music is always good and the people were there to have a good time. I don't know how they do it but the people they attract to their events seem to bring that extra vibes that take the party to the next level. Good music, good drinks and good people. Winning formula.
- Simone, Trinidad